In today’s fast-paced market,
we need to re-think construction

Our focus is on making the process easy, streamlined, and transparent for our clients.


With over 30 years of experience, we ensure clients have peace of mind during our engagement

We re-imagine project management, due diligence, and code compliance to go beyond spreadsheets and calendars. Our clients get clear and simple tools that move the project forward. With solutions that accelerate construction, you can build spaces based on ESG principles.


See the benefits of our unique approach for your next construction site development project.

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Holistic, common-sense approach
Solutions take expertise. We don’t only memorize pages of building codes and recite them for our clients. Instead, we look at real-world scenarios and implications and then develop strategies to achieve them.
Simplifying the labyrinth of DOB
The Department of Buildings’ processes, forms, and rules are complex and difficult to understand. We eliminate headaches for our clients by understanding the DOB details on an intimate level and simplifying information so it is relevant for our clients.
Ahead of the game
The rules for building codes, zoning, and compliance change frequently. Our team is always up to date so that we know what changes are coming and when. We participate on numerous code review committees from the International Building Code (IBC) and NYFPA, to local task forces like NYC’s Existing Building Task Force. As a result, we ensure our clients’ properties are compliant now and in the future.
Open communication and transparency
When it comes to building codes, zoning, and construction, there are many moving pieces at any given time. It’s been said that municipal approvals are similar to the proverbial “changing tires on a moving car”. Our team is dedicated to proactive and transparent communication as well as developing solutions like Codfiy that effectively share project goals.

Our team is driven to serve our clients by our core values


Our value is in being mirrored with our clients. We understand your objectives, your budgets, and your schedule.


We simplify the often-confusing details inherent in codes and regulations so clients are able to make the business decisions needed to occupy and perform in their buildings.


To ensure our clients are always ahead of the game, we keep up to date on all compliance and zoning law changes with the city.


We build trust and solidify long-term relationships with our clients by being clear and proactive about project progress and status.


Our team lives and breathes codes, ESG, and high-performing buildings, and we hope to bring our passion to the next generation of projects impacting our country’s skylines and communities.

Meet our construction site development and compliance leaders

Stephen Rizzo


Charlie Rizzo


Corey Bryerman

Director, Business Development

Jessica Spiegel, RA

Sr. Director

Josh Brown

Sr. Director

Kellie Johnson

Sr. Director

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